Digital Passport Photo Codes

HM Passport Agency is changing the way passport photographs are conveyed to them. The old paper passport photograph will soon not be accepted, as the agency changes to digital, online applications.

Digital Passport ID Photos

In future, your passport photo will be sent to the Passport Agency with a unique code, that you must obtain from the studio where your passport photo was taken.  We can do that for you!  

When you visit our studio in Braintree, we will make a passport photo in the usual manner but instead of printing it, we will upload it to a dedicated website.  When it has been checked for compliance and biometric measurement, you will receive an email, with your unique code and a link to apply online for your new passport.  It's all so much simpler and easier!

The cost for this service is £12 per person

To Book Simply Telephone 01376 786995



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